SOCATEL builds a common ground for patients, Health and social work professionals, and governments

12 février 2018

SoCaTel is creating a tool to help make citizens more aware of their options for healthcare and long-term care by providing a common meeting place for patients, health and social work professionals, and governments.
The project is in its early stages, and will run for three years using co-creation to develop a platform that allows people to easily find and compare options for their healthcare. This includes showing what is available from one’s government, what benefits they have access to, what various pricing options are, and what type of care is available. Ultimately, through these avenues, SoCaTel hopes to  develop software that not only improves the process of finding and deciding upon Long-Term Care, but that also improves Long-Term Care itself.
SoCaTel is being piloted in Dublin, Ireland; Sighet, Hungary; Tampere, Finland; and Vilanova, Spain. The platform will be designed to operate in different languages and will make use of Ozwillo’s Datacore features. It will also be built to adapt to the various rules and environments of the healthcare sphere in each pilot location. This process will allow for the project team to receive a wide range of input when co-creating their platform, and will give them a diverse set of environments to test and improve the platform.
Ultimately, SoCaTel’s creators hope to present an open source platform that can be repurposed and shared around the world.
For more information, see SoCaTel preliminary website and URV Cat website