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The governance

The Ozwillo Association has a board of directors composed of different colleges representing users, service providers, and investors

Board of Directors

Photo Hervé Rasclard

Hervé Rasclard


Founder of MNM Conseil et Développement, general delegate of FIRIP

Photo Sophie Houzet

Sophie Houzet

General Delegate

OASIS project initiator

Photo Alfons Bateller

Alfons Bataller


Director of Blau Advisors and service provider for pubic bodies, partner of the European Project OASIS

Photo Francis Kuhn

Francis Kuhn


Director of the intermunicipal pooling union SICTIAM of Mediterranean Alps public bodies

Photo Yannick Louvet

Yannick Louvet


Project Director within Atol C & D partner of the European Project OASIS

Photo Patrick Bénichou

Patrick Bénichou

Founder of Open Wide and R&D Manager at Smile

Photo Daniel Belon

Daniel Belon

Deputy Director of FNCCR


Legal persons

Jean-Claude Blachier
Pôle Numérique
Christophe Chevalier
Groupe Archer
Luc Chambonnet
Commune de Valaurie
Thierry Bénita


Jean-Claude Millet
Benoit Orihuela
Bruno Thuillier