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The infrastructure foundation of
Smart Territory

A modular solution support of your innovation

Value your data

The control and exploitation of your data are key issues.

Whether Open, Big, Smart, Shared, Linked, we give sense to your Data and propose you tools to exploit them easily.

Data solutions

Promote your applications

Visibility and access in mobility to your applications are key factors for their adoption.

Make your applications communicating and accessible to your users in a few clicks through a customizable portal.

Portal solutions

Boost your projects

From idea to commercialization, accelerate and secure the placing on the market process.

Benefit from shared data to develop new communicating applications, and a support to marketing.

Projects solutions

The ethics + of Ozwillo

  • Ozwillo is a common good factory of semantic data models and reusable data editable by all. Data models are published under LGPL licence.
  • Ozwillo has an open governance representing the society, a collective of public and private organisations and individuals, allowing everyone to preserve its freedom, independence, and to contribute to the infrastructure enrichment.
  • Ozwillo is a trusted third party, guarantor of the fair use of the common good of data and their models as well as the confidentiality of personal data and the free competition of proposed applications
  • The ozwillo infrastructure, composed of the data engine, portal and its security system is published in Open Source on Github, open to contribution.

A community to leverage creativity

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